horse racing glossary

Horse Racing Betting Glossary

Added Money – Money added to purse (usually by owners in the nominating process, to make a horse eligible to start)–entry fee.

Allowance Race – A race in which horses competing cannot be claimed; race conditions specified in condition book.

Also Ran – Out of the money finishers.

Announcer – Person who calls the position of horses as they race, sometimes referred to as caller.

Apprentice Allowance – Pounds of weight off given “bug” (apprentice) riders.

b – Indicates the color of the horse as “bay”.

Bay – A horse with any shade of brown body color and black points (mane, tail and lower legs).

Backside – Barn area of a racetrack.

Backstretch – Part of the racetrack with straightaway on far side from grandstand.

Bandages – Wrappings for horses legs to protect and support.

Beaten Favorite – Horse that ran as the favorite in a previous race and did not win.

blk – Indicates the color of the horse as black.

Bleeder – Horse bleeds from the lungs after exertion.

Blinkers – Headpiece or blinders restricting side vision of horse.

Blow Out – Pre-race tune up.

Bolt – Veering abruptly from straight course.

Breakdown – When a horse cannot run because of a physical injury; becomes lame.

Break Maiden – To win a race for the first time.

Breeze – Fast workout of ahorse. Clocker can get an official time from a breeze.

Bug Rider – Jockey who is an apprentice. He is entitled to carry less weight in a race depending on the number of races he has won. Bugs are indicated in the program by asterisks (*).

Bute – (Phenylbutazone) Medication used to kill pain in horses.

Caulks – Metal cleats on horse shoes.

ch – Indicates the color of the horse as “chestnut”.

Change Leads – Horse changes stride to lead with the opposite leg.

Chestnut – A reddish-brown colored horse. Mane and tail may be a different shade but not black.

Chutes – An extension to the track making a straightaway run, so horses do not have to make an immediate turn when they run a race.

Claiming Race – A race in which horses competing in the race can be purchased (claimed) by a qualified buyer by entering a claim slip before the race is run. Equalizes competition by requiring owners to put a price tag on entries.

Clerk of Scales – Person employed by the track who weighs each jockey before each race to verify that the horse will be carrying its assigned weight. Jockeys are also weighed after each race.

Clocker – The timer who records the workouts of the horses at the racetrack.

Clubhouse Turn – The turn in the track closest to the Clubhouse.

Colors – Silks worn by jockey to distinguish owner’s horses.

Condition Book – Book issued by the racing secretary and officers of each track. The book explains in detail rules and regulations regarding eligibility for entering races. Each day’s racing conditions are spelled out for the program of the day.

Cool Out – Walking a horse after a race or workout to cool it down.

Coupled – Two horses entered by the same trainer in a race. Listed in the program as 1 and 1A. If two trainers couple horses the second group will be listed as 2 and 2B.

Crop – Jockey’s whip, sometimes referred to as bat.

Crowding – One horse forcing another horse into the inside rail of the track.

Dam – Mother of a horse.

Dark – There is no racing on a dark day.

Dead Heat – Two or more horses are tied at the finish of the race. If tied for first, the purse for first and second will be divided equally. The same applies for other ties.

Dk.B./Br. – Indicates the color of the horse as dark bay or brown.

Driving – Horse finishing strong at the end of a race.

Eligible – Meeting the conditions of a race.

Entry – Horse entered into a race.

Exercise Rider – A person who rides horses during morning workouts. Many jockeys also exercise horses.

fst – Fast track.

Filly – A female horse four years old or younger.

fm – Firm track (turf).

Foal – Baby horse, either sex.

Foal Papers – A Thoroughbred racehorses must be registered with The Jockey Club. A copy of the registration papers must be kept on file at the racetrack during the period that the horse is racing. These papers include the horse’s name, pedigree and physical description.

fr – Frozen track.